Experience Our 4D Motion Theater!

Virtual Reality 4D Motion Theater

After purchasing a $10 entry ticket, you will enter an 8 seat theater room where you are given a special headset. After putting on the ski-goggle sized headset and before the show actually starts, you’ll view your entry ticket through the headset when somehow it magically comes to life, interacting with you and foreshadowing the mystery yet to come. Once the show starts, you’ll be taken on a one of a kind 360 degree virtually guided experience created by Keith Brown as he shares his own real-life Montana backyard experiences. The journey consists of amazing views, wildlife, engineering marvels such as a hillside elevator and virtual water slides to fishing and hunting adventures. Of course all things are BIG in Montana and Keith’s real-life stories sometimes stretch the truth as the legend of the Flathead Lake Monster and secret underground passages inhabited by Pirates all come to full life in the attraction. Hold onto your seats, it all happens in approximately 12 minutes.